Customer Service


Culture of Accountability : Accountability is a part of everything we do from our business

Listen and Respond to Customers : Listening and responding to customers is a focus of all our activities.

Product Quality and Innovation : Moratama strives to continually create innovative technology that improving the quality of products.  We understand that quality means more than the steel fits up. Ultimately, quality means surpassing your expectations.

Responsiveness : If you want a face to face meeting to discuss strategy, challenges, upcoming jobs, etc., contact us and we‘ll be there. We can lower your risk.

Commitment : We want to make it easy for customers to do business with us. Believe that an important part of rebuilding trust is to demonstrate that we have our customers’ best interests at heart. We‘re committed to our customers and work hard on our jobs so that we‘re at the top of your list for your next project.

Teamwork : Working together in a climate of open communication ultimately leads to better ideas, decreases the potential for errors and supports faster turn-around time. 

Future : We are always improving the skill sets of our employees, expanding our equipment and refining our project management. Only by doing these things can we ensure we will be there for you tomorrow.

Goal : Our goal is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

Satisfied customers are our business strategy

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