Business Units


  • Machinery and manufacture spare parts or component industry and Equipment rotating such as Bracket, Housing, Impeller, Shaft, Gear, Fan Drive, etcetera.
  • Manufacture mechanical specialist tools, mounting industry manufacture.
  • Services welding, cutting, bending plate steel
  • Design engineering.
  • Various industry.


  • Fabrication and Install skidbase Engine, Radiator, Generator, Electric Motor
  • Fabrication various Pontoon Cap 10 -20 Tons Pump Set
  • Fabrication accesories: Strainer, Boomkit, Reducer pump Set
  • Fabrication and repair Soundproof and Enclosure
  • Fabrication Engine Silencer Muffler set (Sparkarester)
  • Fabrication Water and Fuel Tank
  • Fabrication Part and Tools stainless steel


  • Supply Material
  • Services


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