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Genset Radiator maintenance and repair is one of  Moratama Engineering key areas of expertise. We routinely service units to ensure maximum efficiency. We can repair units on-site as space permits. We also offer replacement options should it become necessary. Generator maintenance is extremely important. Remember, it is your first line of defense should your supply of power from the electric company be interrupted. Remember, your genset is your defense. Chances are, it doesn’t have a backup. Improper maintenance will eventually cause generator failure.

While the fuel system, battery and charging system, engine, generator controls are all important to maintain, we specialize in cooling systems. The cooling system includes a radiator, antifreeze, block heater and water pump. Some examples of preventive maintenance are inspecting your radiator at least monthly and checking antifreeze levels on a weekly basis. You also need to be inspecting all hoses for signs of wear (bulges, cracks, leaks, etc.), checking hose clamps for tightness, examining the water pump for leakage, etc.

Investing a small amount in maintenance now will guarantee that your genset works when you need it, preventing possible catastrophic financial loss should your external power supply be interrupted for extended periods.

We will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your system’s history and your business needs. We can work together to tailor a maintenance schedule designed specifically to best meet the energy needs of your business within your operating budget.

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